Sunday, November 15, 2009

The End

And now, the end of the 2009 European odyssey.

I am expecting the inevitable question: “Happy to be home?”  If it has to be yes or no, then it’s no.  I could keep going.  I would love to keep going.  Constant travelling is a little taxing, but I haven’t reached exhaustion.

Nevertheless, it will be a relief not to think about language anymore, to speak fluently and be understood.

All things end.  But this is only the end of the second chapter.  Good travel has three phases: the first is planning, when the possibilities excite and the anticipation builds; the second is execution, the trip itself, when plans come to fruition or lead in unexpected directions.

Now begins the synopsis.  Trawling through nine thousand photographs.  Developing.  Discarding.  Revisiting notes and blog entries, and assembling articles.  Digging out an old brochure to check the name of that church in Portugal, or a receipt to report the cost of a beer in Seville.  And beginning work on my next book of photography.

Over the coming months, as I select and develop my best photos, I will post them online.  Updates to this blog will be less frequent than they have been during the trip, but check back now and again to see what new photos are available.

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