Saturday, July 02, 2011


I hate buses, but I heard that the ones in Turkey are good.  Sure they are.  But the roads drive you insane.

I caught a bus from Nevşehir to Ankara (the ride having ended yesterday), a four-plus-hour trip, and it was like a mini-airplane: seating is allocated and ushered, there’s a toilet on board, the reclining seats have televisions, and a steward serves water, tea or coffee, and cake.  Very civilised.

The road, however, is far from polished.  It is re-patched instead of resurfaced and there is literally constant turbulence.  I have to sit in my horse-riding posture or the convulsions of the seat kill my kidneys.  The idea of a drink holder on my seat tray is absurd – my hot tea roils like it’s boiling.  It doesn’t exactly make writing easy, either!  I’m trying to recall travelling on a worse highway.  200km of this gets old fast.


Dawn Walker said...

Hi Wayne!!! sounds like a rough bus ride...glad you're still in one piece! Still recouperating from the flight from Istanbul! bad jet lag....pleasure meeting you, looking forward to your blog posts! Dawn

Craig Morgan said...

wow - tea and coffee on a bus ! That is civilised indeed. Shall enjoy reading your blog. MORGO