Thursday, September 26, 2013

Murder in the airport lounge

I can put up with a lot travelling. Stinking bodies packed into a minibus. Questionable food and stomach cramps. Roiling potholed roads for hours on end.

But there are people in this world whom I shall throttle if I am only permitted a moment alone with them in a closed room: those people who discover a song they like and play it over and over. When it finishes they start it again. They like it so much. Isn't this a great song? Let's play it again. Oh, it's over so soon. I'll start it again. I could listen to this all day. Let's do that.

I have nearly twelve hours to kill in Kigali International Airport, Rwanda. There is one cafe, I am in it, and they are driving me out of it with this same bloody song. Here we go again, for the... thirteenth time? Fourteenth?

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