Sunday, April 01, 2007


On Wednesday, 04 April, in a couple of days, Mai Li and I will fly to Madrid via Heathrow and our trip through through Europe will unfold, undoubtedly in every direction other than those carefully planned in the last two months. We will spend the first day doing our zombie impressions through the streets of Madrid after 28 or so hours of travel time in economy class before collapsing into our hotel bed as late as we can hold out. The following day we may take a day trip by bus to Segovia or Toledo, and the day after we will head to Andalusia for a week, starting with the Semana Santa celebrations in Seville.

Click on the image of Europe and you can see circled in red all the major points along our planned route. You can see our itinerary by clicking here.


Kaz said...

Wayne & Maili, as I write this ur a gazillion miles up in the air somewhere...actually, by my calculations, u've probably just left oz space (10.30pm now)....hv a fantabulous time and keep us posted on your wanderings!

ఆసా said...

Have a great trip Wayne & Maili.
Try to post more & more photos (which will tell million words)
Check this one..

Anonymous said...

Sorry earlier comment got name tag in indian script .
Its from Sai..