Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weather update

A really quick update from Switzerland....

I'm a bit behind on the blog, so we've actually covered more places
than what I've included here. We've been in Switzerland for the past
five days and will be leaving for Italy tomorrow, which I think is the
25th (I love not knowing the day.) And here's the best bit: the
weather in Switzerland is HOT! I have a SUNBURN! This is April, halfway through Spring. Normally there is a bit of rain and even
snow, but we've been wearing T-shirts. And "sunny" Spain a couple of
weeks ago was nothing but rain, with a few lucky fine days in between.
Even Paris has apparently been having 27-28 degree weather.

So, as I said, the last few days were in Lucerne and Interlaken, and
tomorrow we head to Tuscany. We'll have three days there, and given
that Florence is going to be so overwhelming, we actually plan to skip
it and spend the time in Siena. Stop your groaning. We may try to
get a day trip tour to Florence from Siena.

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