Thursday, August 13, 2009

Europe Reprise

On August 21st, I'm returning to Europe. They've been notified.

After surrendering your soul for ten years, you get three months of long service leave because time is money. I'll be spending that time in Portugal, Croatia, and France via Venice, Bruges, Montenegro, the castles on the German Rhine, and the rusto-majestic home of flamenco, Andalucía. To the right, you'll find a link to a map of my travels.

You'll be either well-informed by this blog or bored by the egoistic conceit of the idea. This blog is all about me. And things that happen to me. I find that fascinating.

As well as trying to keep this blog regular, I'll be writing travel articles freelance and shooting pictures for my next book. I'll try to post a few here.

I've been planning this trip for six months. Planning is part of the trip. It's practical daydreaming. Having attended writing workshops, photography workshops, and language classes, it might also be said that I have a small obsession with being prepared.

Next: the real thing.

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