Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sydney to Singapore

Somehow, on an almost full flight from Sydney to Singapore, I managed to get three seats all to myself. It was a daytime flight, but I almost went to sleep just to take rare advantage of the space. For the planespotters reading this (hello, Jay), it was a Boeing 777-300ER. The leg room in economy was ample, and I'm six feet tall.

By the time I reached Singapore at midnight local time, I really was tired. My back was aching, not because of the flight, but because of the mysterious jab the Travel Doctor gave me before leaving Sydney. "It's free for those born between 1968 and 1981." So I shrugged my shoulders and rolled up my sleeve, as you do when someone offers to stick a needle in you for free. I wonder what was in it.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Singapore is really nice and, attached to the terminal as it is, very convenient for overnight stopovers. It's new and modern, and a very nice architectural design using lots of curved lines, open-air corridors and tasteful colours. I loved the ceiling showerhead in my hotel room.

So now, fully rested and refreshed, I'm boarding my flight to Frankfurt.

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Kaz said...

ahhhh! the joys of planning a trip and then actually living it. I am forever bitten by the bug now thanks to my tall and majestic! I wish part of my South America planning had included a blogger's workshop with you! hmmm....maybe I can do it in retrospective. Have a fantastic time Wayne and catch you here sometimes...

your avid blogger fan!