Sunday, September 20, 2009


For those interested (I am not one of them), the two vehicles I rented so far were a Volkswagen Golf 5-door sedan in Spain (really nice car), and a Fiat Dobló in Portugal. The Fiat was a 5-door minivan with a huge decal of a golf bag over the rear and side windows – very strange for a rental car. I was a bit annoyed since it was like a giant advertisement, and I don’t even like golf. I would rather have had a sedan than this poxy minivan, but I requested a diesel if one was available, which this was. And Fiat notwithstanding, I actually loved it. The extra height was nice, almost like a truck, and the diesel was brilliant over the hilly and winding roads through the national park from Faro to Mértola (a great road for motorcyclists, of which there were many). It was fun to practise driving a diesel for the first time in many years on those roads.

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