Monday, September 07, 2009

Reaching Ronda

Simply finding Ronda was not the end of my good luck.

The Feria de Pedro Romero is Ronda’s biggest festival of the year, and it attracts an influx of tourists that would turn Jesus misanthropic. Parking a car in Ronda’s narrow streets is an absurd idea, and one that convinced me to originally abandon the rental car plan. My Michelin map was too large a scale for provincial towns and, unable to navigate from my guidebook while driving, I entered Ronda blindly. There are numerous dedicated parking lots as you make your way into town, but I wanted to get as close as possible to my hotel (wherever that was) so that I didn’t have to haul my heavy pack around in the 38°C heat. Somehow, miraculously, I chose a parking lot 50m from my hotel. I actually could not have found somewhere closer if I knew what I was doing.

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