Saturday, June 18, 2011

First ride

Friday afternoon we took our first ride.  It was only an hour, a short ride out and back to the ranch, so that we can release all our built-up nervous anticipation of a fortnight ride, and to get acquainted with our horses and their dynamic together, and our own dynamic as a group.  We are riding English.  I’m pleased with my horse, Kelebek.  She’s smart, sweet-mannered and sensitive.  She hardly needs any leg; I can steer her just with neck rein and shifting my weight.  Towards the end of the ride she slipped, or was bitten by a horsefly and startled, or something.  Her rear leg buckled and she swung her head sharply around to the left and half-collapsed.  It was all in a split-second and was the kind of situation where a rider can come off a horse, but I was pleased to be told by one of the other riders that I was “a natural” for staying on.

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