Thursday, June 09, 2011

Half chaps and jodhpurs

Well, this is going to be interesting.

Just picked up some riding gear for the trip: a helmet (mandatory) and some half chaps—zippered gaitors that fit snug around the calves.  I told the bloke at the shop I was going on a two-week horse riding trek and am a complete beginner.  His face said it all: "You sucker city slicker.  You're in for a world of hurt."

I told the bloke I just wanted the cheapest.  This ride is getting more and more expensive (fellow city slickers, don't take up riding if you're saving for a house).  The organiser of the ride suggested bringing jodhpurs (tights for horseback, like bike pants), but I told the bloke at the shop I hoped to just get away with jeans.  "An hour in the saddle—fine," he said.  "All day riding for two weeks?  You're going to lose all the hairs on the inside of your legs, saddle sores, ingrown hairs... mate, you will be ready to trade your eye-teeth for jodhpurs."

Maybe he was motivated to make a sale, or maybe he just wanted to see me in tight pants (this is where I mention the bloke was gay), but I was convinced.  Or afraid.  Anyway, I bought the jodhpurs.

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