Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet the team

I arrived in Nevşehir on Friday morning and met everyone who will be on the ride.  There are a dozen of us in total, five of whom are the organising team.  Of the rest of us, four have limited experience on a horse, so I’m feeling a lot better about being a total novice.

We’ve been getting acquainted with each other and the group is already gelling well, an important thing when you’re going to be camping and riding together for two weeks.  We’re a mixed bag: there’s a 28-year-old ex-US Navy student, a sculptor and painter, a documentary film-maker, a retiree who’s been swimming her way through the Mediterranean, and a veterinarian turned venture capitalist.

The ride organiser, Alexander, is a character.  He and his mate Marc, the team photographer, play off each other with their jokes.  Marc’s a Frenchman; Alexander is American, and speaks four languages.  The others in the organising team are from the ranch supplying the horses – Ercihan, the Turkish ranch owner, and two ride leaders: South African Susan and Brit Alex.

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