Monday, October 05, 2009

The human bookcase

Flight routes to Croatia all end in September. The only feasible route for me to get from Portugal to Croatia in October is to fly RyanAir and stop over for three nights in Pisa, Italy.

This time, I avoided RyanAir’s excess baggage fees by wearing a fleece jacket stuffed full of six language phrasebooks, a book on philosophy, numerous maps and all my travel guides. I looked like a cross between a Series 4000 mechanoid and a geodesic dome.

It is ridiculously easy to get from the Pisa airport to my hotel. The airport and the train are not exactly modern, but the train trip takes literally five minutes, and my hotel is less than a hundred metres from Pisa Centrale. This was intentional; I am making two day-trips by train to Cinque Terre and to Siena, so I wanted to be close to the station.

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