Monday, October 12, 2009

Summer is over

It's been an Indian summer in this part of the world.  The pleasant, sunny days I've had in Croatia are usually finished by September, apparently.  But there's now been an announcement that the fun is over.  Thunderstorms woke me in Dubrovnik at 7AM this morning.  The rain held off for most of the daylight hours as I walked the city walls, but now at 8PM as I write this it has returned, and it is pissing.  Notwithstanding the afternoon storm in Mértola, Portugal, I've had almost no rain at all on this trip (which was in karmic order after being practically rained out of Eastern Europe last year).

If this low pressure in the Adriatic keeps up by the time I reach Venice next week, I might just experience the notorious acqua alta, where the pedestrian areas of Venice are submerged.  I have an umbrella and a rain jacket, but I didn't bring any fishing waders with me, so I'd probably make the call to skip it and move on.  After running out of time in 2007, that would make it the second time I failed to reach Venice.

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