Saturday, October 03, 2009

Where are all the photos?

Some weeks ago I promised I would upload some photos from time to time.  This is just too arduous.  At this stage, halfway through my trip, I have about 6,000 photos.

But nevertheless, here is one.  It's not grand photography; it's simply a good example of the variety on a Portuguese menu.  Click on it so you can read it.


MilazzoMan said...

This leaves Fawlty Towers for dead.

Ironically, I recently saw a program on Portuguese food that made my mouth water. But now I will confine any travel plans to going no further than Marrickville for their food. Obviously all the Portuguese chefs have emigrated here.

Kaz said...

LOL! That's a lot of ham!!! it would drive me insane....but then again small price to pay for the great experience you're having Crusoe!