Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The not-so-happy-go-lucky-anymore traveller

For my last night in Venice, I decided to indulge myself and spend a night on the Grand Canal.  This was too wet and unsolid so I decided to spend a night beside the Grand Canal instead.

On the morning of this last night I moved across town from my old hotel in the pouring rain, carrying my camera bag and harnessed to a heavy backpack under a nylon poncho, a bit like wearing a circus big top, squeezing through narrow people-dammed passages barbed with umbrellas.  I was interrupted by some university student with, "Excuse me, sir, will you sign a petition?  It's in English.  It's against drugs."

"No," I said, irritated.  "I take drugs."

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Anonymous said...

That was probably a gypsy.

In Madrid, I happily signed one of these petitions (for the disabled in that instance) and handed over 20 euros! For that, I got a kiss.