Thursday, July 17, 2008

After Prague

The last day in Prague we took a day trip to Kútna Hora, a town which boomed on silver and rivalled Prague in influence in the 17th century before it stagnated when the silver ran out. One of the legacies of its wealth is St Barbora Cathedral, which the guidebook tells me is as grand as the more famous St Vitus Cathedral in the Prague castle (which we were dissuaded from entering by the queue, which had developed its own border crossing).

Kútna Hora is also famous for the bone church, where the bones of 40,000 people interred there have been assembled into elaborate chandeliers, a giant coat of arms, and other macabre contortions of the human body. Not sure what they would have thought of that. Unfortunately, though, we dragged our arses that morning and then had to wait two hours for the train, so it closed before we reached it.

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