Monday, July 21, 2008


Salzburg is overrated. It's okay, but is really like a big tourist trap of
wall-to-wall shops and Sound of Music tours. As my Lonely Planet says, it's
Austria's capital of kitsch. The Americans in particular seem to flock
here. Cesky Krumlov was certainly touristy, but it felt authentic in a way
Salzburg does not. I think Ljubljana, Slovenia -- which I cut from the
itinerary -- would have been better, but then we wouldn't have made it to
the Eagle's Nest, which was worth it.

We had beautiful weather on Saturday and spent the day exploring the
Festung Hohensalzburg, the medieval fortress on the hill. In the evening we
zipped around on Segways like we did in Paris, since this time it wasn't
part of a tour and we could go where we wanted, but once again you don't
end up seeing much of the city because you're too distracted with what
you're doing. It is a motorised vehicle, after all. Still fun, but not the
novelty it was in Paris.


Mr McBlackwind Snr said...

I wouldn't put to much faith in the Lonely Planet guides, written by American vegetarians to cater for Gays and Lesbians, but your right about small towns though, they give a better perspective of the country and the day to day goings on of a place rather than Hardrock Cafes,mock Irish pubs and McDonalds

G. Wayne Meaney said...

I have five or six Lonely Planet guides for different countries, all of which have been really good, catering more for independent travellers who don't join tour groups than anything else. I also have five Lonely Planet language phrase books that have been indispensible.

Lonely Planet is an Aussie company, for the record.

Rough Guides are not bad, too; my Rough Guide for Andalusia was excellent.