Sunday, July 13, 2008


Holidaying is hard yakka. Yes, you mugs at work have got it easy. Up again
this morning at 5 a.m. and I've only just lain down to bed at 8:30 p.m.
We've been on our feet for about 12 hours, and longer yesterday. Hard work
with jet lag and a cracked rib, but we've had a good look at the Charles
Bridge and Prague Castle.

The tram is the easiest way to get to the Prague Castle. We bought a
24-hour transit ticket on Friday which ran out before we returned from the
castle to the Old Town on Saturday. The ticket machines at the tram stops
only take coins and we didn't have enough, so having caught transit several
times and never been bothered we decided to chance it without a ticket
until we could get to a tobacconist to buy another couple of 24-hour
tickets, but the plain-clothed transit officer sitting at the tram stop who
overheard our plans and boarded our tram fined us 700 crowns ($50) and
kicked us off. More walking.


Mr McBlackwind Snr said...

Ah ha,you two have been duped!There is no such thing as an"on the spot" fine in Czech,they scam tourists all the time like this.I'll give you another tip too.Booking clerks at train stations will often sell you a used ticket and keep the $$ youv'e just handed over,then the Guard on the train will come along and issue you an"on the spot"fine on top!!So always check to see if you have been sold a valid ticket!Fools!!

G. Wayne Meaney said...

I've been the victim of an elaborate deception, involving fake badges, falsified receipts, the posting of fare regulations and rules governing fines on all the tram stops in Prague, and even the complicity of Lonely Planet!

Kaz said...

LOL! Too funny you 2! Thanks for the update and laughs :) hahaha!
so long as you're fine and having fun and teaching the rest of us! :)

btw, hse is ok and spore was actually fantastic...tell u more when ur back.