Friday, July 11, 2008

City of Kafka and Velkopopovický

Arrived in Prague at 08:30 and caught public transit into the centre of Staré Mesto (Old Town) where we are staying. We really didn't do anything on the first day, just spent it orienting ourselves, eating and drinking the delicious Czech beer.

The rib I suspect I cracked keeping goal in the last soccer game has been grieving me a bit -- nothing major, but I feel it when I lean over or lift things a certain way. Not the best when backpacking.

Jetlagged, we had a nap in the afternoon and went to bed early, about 21:30. We understand why the locals are tourist cranky, given that there were some loud British and Italian drunken tours at it in the street four floors below us until 04:30, by which time we just decided to get up and check out the Charles Bridge at dawn before it was mobbed by the swarming tourists.

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