Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer in Europe

Mai Li and I have generated a low pressure system that is being reported by the weather bureau as the centre of rain in Europe. Elsewhere is experiencing 40°C weather. So, when we arrived in Hallstatt it was raining, and while we were there it rained, and when we left it deemed to rain. We caught the ferry across the lake and boarded the train at the little unmanned station, bound for Vienna in transit to Budapest. We headed south because I wanted to go via the historic Semmering Railway, though this would take longer and require more changes, but like a giant board game we reached a sign that read Bad Aussee and we had to turn back. It seems there was track maintenance and this little town was as far as we could get, so we headed north, the faster and boring way to Vienna. I looked at the map of the Austrian rail network. Perhaps it was better than finding ourselves in Rottenegg.

When we got to Vienna it rained. Mai Li's $6 umbrella snapped in the wind and cut open three of her fingers.

We spent just that afternoon and night in Vienna since our destination was Budapest, where we arrived the following day.

In the rain.

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